Our Products

We supply a versatile verity of products to satisfy our consumer needs. The range varies from farming fertilizers to barn feeds. Whether you need vegetable seeds or chemicals we supply altogether

Agro Chemicals

We supply large range of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers moreover, our supplies includes multiple companies.


Animal Feeds

Our premium quality Supply ensures A purest eminence of animal food supplies provides healthy animals.



A decent quality fertilizer can decrease half the work of agriculturalists to ensure that we solitary supply finest quality fertilizers.


Vegetable Seeds

In order to satisfy the rising need of seed distribution we have started supplying the keen qualitied vegetable kernels.


Rona Booster

We are profound to present our product "rona booster foliar fertilizer" which is an ideal way to upsurge the growth of plants. Foliar fertilization is an advance method to feed plants directly through their leaves and Rona Booster has specifically design to enhance the performance of fertilization.