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Ronak group were established in 1999 with joint venture of Agrovet and pharmaceuticals. Ronak agrovet has been established in Bungoma town since 2008. The high demand of our franchisee products and supplied has us going on and we build up our second branch in Kitale town. We are proud distributors of agro chemicals, Veterinary products, Fertilizers and animal's feeds. Our distribution chain includesrnmany well known brands which consist of Unga farm care Ltd., Syngenta East Africa Ltd., Bayer East Africa, Norbrook Kenya Ltd., East Africs seed Co. Ltd., Yara East Africa, Export trading co. ltd., Mea limited and many more.

We also play part of Entrepreneur and manufacture foliar fertilizer. Our proud production of "Rona Booster" is one of the purest form of liquid fertilizers that is capable for enhancing the growth of farming. Our quality of industrious work on Rona Booster product has certified us by "KEBS" which proves the authenticity of our products.

Our Products

We supply a versatile verity of products to satisfy our consumer needs. The range varies from farming fertilizers to barn feeds. Whether you need vegetable seeds or chemicals we supply altogether

Agro Chemicals

We supply large range of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers moreover, our supplies includes multiple companies.


Animal Feeds

Our premium quality Supply ensures A purest eminence of animal food supplies provides healthy animals.



A decent quality fertilizer can decrease half the work of agriculturalists to ensure that we solitary supply finest quality fertilizers.


Vegetable Seeds

In order to satisfy the rising need of seed distribution we have started supplying the keen qualitied vegetable kernels.


Rona Booster

We are profound to present our product "rona booster foliar fertilizer" which is an ideal way to upsurge the growth of plants. Foliar fertilization is an advance method to feed plants directly through their leaves and Rona Booster has specifically design to enhance the performance of fertilization.


Grain safe bags

Importance of grain safe bags
1. No chemical involved
2. No much labour,easy to package
3. The double liner inside gives your dry cereals double protection from infestation for a long period upto 3 (three) years when hermetically closed.


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